International Insurances is the number one insurance advisor for foreign employees, students and
visitors who live and work or study in the Netherlands. We are experts in the field of health care and accident
insurance and will offer you the insurance that best suits your situation.

The best collective insurance or health insurance

Why International Insurances?

A good organization has the best in mind for its employees and/or students. Working and studying in a safe and healthy environment! In addition to collective insurance and health insurance, International Insurances offers a helping hand for the placement of your employees and/or health of your students.


Among other things you will benefit from our:



Knowledge of regulations




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    Why International Insurances?

    Heilbron is a fusion of SUCSEZ and Heilbron. Since its foundation in 2000 SUCSEZ has become the largest health insurance specialist in the Netherlands. Heilbron has existed since 1932 and has since made its name in the east of the country and in the insurance world. This due to good service, close customer contact, always up-to-date knowledge and also top-notch social involvement. When combined, our professional teams can mean even more for you.

    What clients say about International Insurances

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