For your employees

A good organization has the best in mind for its employees and/or students. Work in a safe and healthy environment! More and more foreign students and job seekers who have made their way to our country subsequently remain in the Netherlands and go on working within our business community. Possibly also within your organization?


What information and facilities can you offer these employees? Are they familiar with the risks they run during their work and in their private life? How do you contribute to their employability?


International Insurances will be glad to help you resolve these issues! Let our specialists provide you with the best free advise!

Collective insurance

Healthy employees!

As well as collective insurance and health insurance, International Insurances offers a helping hand for the employability and health of your employee. Among other things you will benefit from our:


  • expertise as a specialist on foreign matters in the Netherlands
  • commitment to students and/or employees faced with a maze of rules
  • knowledge of regulations, for instance regarding secondment in the Netherlands or abroad or regarding treaty policy in the Netherlands
  • advice concerning non-insurable periods for foreign employees
  • assistance in making foreign employees risk conscious

The insurance for your employees

When foreign employees receive income in the Netherlands, they are obliged to have a Dutch health insurance. Via International Insurances you can arrange collective health insurance, which also applies to your Dutch employees, guest researchers, and the family members who have a residence permit. As an independent insurance advisor we select the health insurer that best meets the needs of your organization and employees.


Accidents can happen, including outside of office hours. To protect your employees against a wide range of risks we offer them other types of insurance in addition to collective insurance. We particularly recommend liability insurance; the financial consequences of being held liable for something can be immense for your employees.

Which insurances does International Insurances offer you?

  • car insurance
  • residential home insurance
  • household goods insurance
  • liability insurance
  • legal assistance insurance
  • travel and cancellation insurance
  • accident insurance
  • valuables insurance

What is the added value of International Insurances?

  • Years of practical experience at TU Delft
  • English language website and quotation processes
  • English-speaking helpdesk, accessible 24/7 for questions, personal advice, and claim notification
  • Registration days, office hours, and/or consultation on location
  • Did you receive a letter in Dutch? Just app or email it to our office
  • Apply for an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)

What else can you expect from International Insurances?

  • Specific knowledge of Dutch insurance law and insurance
  • You can easily compare, calculate, and take out insurance online or by phone
  • Prompt and personal answers to your questions via email
  • Access to chat and video chat so that you can also easily do business when abroad
  • Yearly insurance check: does the coverage still apply to your situation?
  • Waiting list mediation and assistance with invoices and declarations
  • Personal assistance provided by a lawyer in the event of personal injury

Let our specialists advise you without obligation!