About us

International Insurances is the insurance advisor for foreign employees, students, and visitors who live and work or study in the Netherlands. We are experts in the field of healthcare and accident insurance and will offer you the insurance that best suits your situation.
We offer independent advice, operate nationally, and are internationally oriented.


International Insurances is powered by Heilbron.

Heilbron is a fusion of SUCSEZ and Heilbron. Since its foundation in 2000 SUCSEZ has become the largest health insurance specialist in the Netherlands. Heilbron has existed since 1932 and has since made its name in the east of the country and in the insurance world. This is due to good service, close customer contact, always up-to-date knowledge, and also its top-notch social involvement. When combined, the professional teams can mean even more for you.


Why International Insurances?

The number of foreign students in the Netherlands continues to increase. At the start of 2018 the number had grown to 122,000 students from 162 different countries who pursue an education at a college or university in our country. This is according to data from Nuffic. These students often find work or form a relationship here and as a result continue to stay in the Netherlands

TU Delft is experiencing an increase in the number of international students. Their International Office can serve as a model for many other universities. For international students at TU Delft we offer in collaboration with Insure To Study a special concept.


About four out of ten Dutch university students (38%) still live in the Netherlands five years after graduating, according to a Nuffic study. Staying in the Netherlands has been made more attractive. The Netherlands is very attractive for the students that remain here after graduating, as well as for highly educated foreign employees. Such employees can fill in any gap in the labour market.


We can see this in the hotel sector, for instance. We get an increasing number of questions from employers about foreign employees and the facilities and insurances that are available to them.


As the Dutch language often remains an obstacle and the rules surrounding insurance and the health care system are complicated, we offer foreign students, graduates and employees advice on finding suitable insurance solutions.

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