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Almost every person who lives and works in the Netherlands is legally obliged to take out a Basic Dutch Healthcare Insurance (public system – ‘’basisverzekering’’). Your health insurance will start (retrospectively) per the day you started working. Are you accompanied by family members? Their Basic Dutch Healthcare Insurance will start per the date they are registered with the municipality. Arriving in the Netherlands before the mentioned starting dates? We strongly advise you to take out a travel insurance before the Basic Dutch Healthcare Insurance becomes effective. Our travel insurance costs 50,67 euro per month and does have a fixed period of 30 days.


Profit from excellent conditions and personal advice aside from a great discount.
Apart from that, International Insurances is 24/7 available for all your questions.

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    Health insurance premium: € 38,58 per month

    Insurance package premium: € 14,88 per month

    Total cost: € 53,46 per month

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    Sorry. Due to age restrictions we are not able to process your student insurance online. Please email us at to get a quote.

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