Private insurance for TU Delft students

Your insurance package is being taken care of by us, International Insurances.
After consulting with TU Delft we’ve decided to collaborate with Insure To Study.
In the email we sent to you, you can find all the information.


When you start your studies at TU Delft and don’t receive any income in the Netherlands, you can only apply for a private healthcare insurance.


We offer students of TU Delft a special insurance, the Masterplan+ from insurance company Insure To Study. This student insurance is known for its excellent price-quality ratio. It meets both the IND requirements if you need a residence permit and the TU Delft requirements of having a costprice medical/pre-existing insurance, a liability insurance and a lot more. Have a look at the extent of cover which International Insurances offers.


If you start working or start a paid internship this might have consequences for your healthcare insurance. Contact us when you start working or when you start a paid internship.

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The benefits for you

This student insurance covers the costs associated with COVID-19 disease.

International Insurances offers suiting solutions for students on the university to all possible insurance types. We listed some advantages below (Masterplan+):


  • Medical costs are insured up to the cost price (no limitation)
  • No deductible excess after health care costs
  • Including dental, physiotherapy and psychotherapy coverage, click here for the extent of cover
  • Low premium and excellent conditions
  • Pre-exsisting conditions are also insured
  • Including insurance package (luggage and household effects, legal assistance, personal accidents, repatriation (first and second degree), travel insurance and very important liability/third party)
  • You can apply already for this insurance in your homeland, the start day from the insurance is the day you will leave your country
  • Assistance if you start working besides your study, start an internship or receive letters from the government (CAK)
  • We are available 24/7 for all your questions (SOS-International: 020-6515154)
  • Worldwide coverage including USA as well in your home country. This includes holidays and internship.


* dental expenses costs up to € 750, physiotherapy up to € 350, manual therapy up to € 350, occupational therapy max. 10 hours and psychotherapy up to € 1.520 a year.

Of course you can keep your current insurance with OOM Verzekeringen.
Also in that case we, International Insurances, remains your insurance advisor 24/7.​
Our advisors will gladly help you over the phone or by email.



Non EU citizens: Masterplan+

This insurance meets both the IND requirements if you need a residence permit and the TU Delft requirements of having sufficient medical and liability insurance.


€ 52,00 per month (€ 1,71 per day) for a full package insurance including medical costs



You can always contact International Insurances for personal advice at phone number 088 – 12 10 292 or send an email to, 24/7! Our advisors will gladly help you over the phone or by email.

Frequently asked questions

Help with filling in the online form.

Where do you come from? Please choose your country of origin.
Initials is the first letter from your first name/given name.
The first address is your current address in the Netherlands.
The second address is your address in your home country.

How to cancel your insurance with OOM Verzekeringen?/Which starting date to choose?

Choose your start day in the date input field. Due to the notice period with your current OOM insurance, we will start your new insurance after 35 days.


We will ask OOM to terminate your insurance 35 days after the date you entered in the online form.
This way we are preventing you from having to pay a double premium.

How to pay for the insurance?

Please fill in your Dutch bank account number. Insure To Study will deduct the future premiums automatically.
Insure To Study will ask you to pay directly online for the first installment. After this payment you will receive immediately your pre-policy.

What happens after you applied?

After applying for our student insurance you will receive an automatic confirmation by email from Insure To Study.
This confirmation will also contain a temporary policy (‘Pre-policy’). If you didn’t receive it, please check your email spam folder.
You will receive the original policy and all relevant documents by email within a few days.

Which advantages do you have with our insurance? Please pay attention.

As these insurances are special for TU Delft students, pre-existing conditions are included.

Medical coverages after getting the coronavirus are also included. As the coronavirus is qualified from the WHO (World Health Organisation) as an epidemic and pandemic, other insurance companies may exclude coverage in case of an epidemic and pandemic. Please be aware of this.

Which end date to choose?

You can choose your own end date.
One month before the end date the insurance company Insure to Study, will send to you an e-mail and ask you if you want to extend the insurance yes or no.


You can end the insurance before the end date when you deregister from the municipality and leave the Netherlands. You have to send a proof from this.
Or you can end the insurance when you start working besides the study and need to apply for the Dutch basic health insurance. (This is legally required).
We can help you/advice you for this too.
We have found a very good insurance company, specialized in insuring international students.


Please note that some medical coverage is based on a 12 month insurance policy.
Example; for physiotherapy a maximum reimbursement amount of € 350 for 12 months applies. If you apply for a period of 9 months, the maximum amount to be reimbursed for physiotherapy is €262.50.
The same goes for dentistry. The maximum amount for reimbursement is €750 for 12 months. For 9 months that is € 562.50. (75% of each invoice is refunded).

What else can you expect from International Insurances?

  • Competitive premium with excellent terms and conditions
  • Simple compare online or by telephone, calculate and apply
  • International Insurances helpdesk for personal advice: 24/7 reachable. A personal approach and no queues
  • One telephone number for all your questions and to report your damage
  • Annual insurance check: does your coverage reflect your current situation?