Private insurance for TU Delft students

When you start your studies at TU Delft and don’t receive any income in the Netherlands, you can only apply for a private healthcare insurance.


We offer students of TU Delft a special insurance, the Global Health University Insurance from insurance company OOM Verzekeringen. This student insurance is known for its excellent price-quality ratio. It meets both the IND requirements if you need a residence permit and the TU Delft requirements of having sufficient medical and liability insurance. Have a look at the coverage overview, and the terms and conditions of the healthcare insurance policy International Insurances offers.


Besides the healthcare insurance, International Insurances offers additional insurances in the insurance package. This package includes liability insurance. Check out the terms and conditions of the additional insurance package for more information.


If you start working or start a paid internship this might have consequences for your healthcare insurance. Contact us when you start working or when you start a paid internship.

The benefits for you

This student insurance covers the costs associated with COVID-19 disease.

International Insurances offers suiting solutions for students in the university to all possible insurance types. We listed some advantages below:



  • Insured up to the cost price (no limitation)
  • No deductible excess after health care costs
  • Including dental, fysiotherapy and psychology coverage, click here for the coverage overview*
  • Low premium and excellent conditions
  • Existing ailments are also insured
  • Including insurance package (household contents, legal assistance, personal accidents, travel insurance and very important liability/third party)
  • You can apply already for this insurance in your homeland, the start day from the insurance is the day you will leave your country.
  • No advanced payment is needed. You can pay within one month after your arrival in The Netherlands.
  • Assistance if you start working besides your study, start a internship or receive letters from the government.
  • A high service level: : you can make an appointment with our advisors on campus and we are available 24/7 for all your questions
  • Worldwide coverage excluding USA. If you want worldwide including USA coverage, please send us an email. (You can add USA coverage during your stay in the USA. For this you pay more premium).
  • Dietary advice by a dietician
  • Alternative healthcare
  • STD testing
  • Abortion
  • Contraception
  • Medical aids following an accident
  • Dental treatment followwing an accident
  • TB test


* dentistry costs up to 350 euros fysiotherapy 25 treatments and psychological help up to 1.400 euros a year.



Non EU citizens

This insurance meets both the IND requirements if you need a residence permit and the TU Delft requirements of having sufficient medical and liability insurance.

€ 38,58 Premium for your health insurance per month
€ 14,88 Insurance package (which is mandatory) premium per month
€ 53,46 In total per month


EU citizens

€ 30,87 Premium for your health insurance per month i
EU citizens have a discount of 20% on their health insurance, as they hold a European health insurance card. In some situations the insurance company can ask for a restitution from the health insurance company in the home country of the EU citizen.
€ 14,88 Insurance package per month*
€ 45,75 In total per month

* You might already have insurances from this package deal in your home country. We advise you to check if these insurances still cover you while you are studying in the Netherlands.

Apply for student insurance

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    Health insurance premium: € 38,58 per month

    Insurance package premium: € 14,88 per month

    Total cost: € 53,46 per month

    AcceptThis insurance is mandatory for Non-EU students.

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    Sorry. Due to age restrictions we are not able to process your student insurance online. Please email us at to get a quote.

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    If you don’t know your address yet, please use our address.
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    Worldwide excluding USA

    If you want worldwide including USA coverage, please send us an email. (You can add USA coverage during your stay in the USA. For this you pay more premium per month. )


    Contact information

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    Payment details

    In order to complete your request please provide your Dutch bank account number. The payment method will be via direct debit.

    IBAN IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number

    A Dutch IBAN number is required to set up your account. If you do not yet have a Dutch IBAN please leave the field blank.
    Please visit the faq page on our website once the account number is obtained.
    PLEASE NOTE! No advanced payment is needed. You can pay within one month after your arrival in The Netherlands.

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    By submitting this form you are applying for a private insurance for students from TU Delft.


    Please contact International Insurances for personal advice at phone number 088 – 12 10 221 or send an email to, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Our advisors will gladly help you over the phone or by email.

    Frequently asked questions


    Please read the FAQs before applying for the insurance. They provide detailed information about your Dutch address, how to pay and also how to make corrections on your insurance application.

    Why will OOM Verzekeringen increase the premium from 01-07-2020?

    Medical costs worldwide have gone up. Furthermore, the claims burden on the collective health insurance has increased significantly.
    By increasing the premium, OOM Verzekeringen can continue to offer you the extended cover that you expect from them.

    Which advantages do you have with our insurance? Please pay attention.

    As these insurances are special for TU Delft students, pre-existing conditions are included.
    Medical coverages after getting the coronavirus are also included. As the coronavirus is qualified from the WHO (World Health Organisation) as an epidemic and pandemic, other insurance companies may exclude coverage in case of an epidemic and pandemic. Please be aware of this.

    How can I pass on my bank account number/my (new) address?

    You can upload your bank account number and change your address in the online environment of OOM Verzekeringen. Most likely you already activated your account.

    If not, you can do this through:

    For registration, you need your policy number. The policy number you find on your insurance card.

    How to find a general practicioner?

    TU Delft students please visit ‘SGZ student’ and your student insurance company ‘OOM Verzekeringen’ are working closely together. Upon presentation of your insurance card, which you will receive after you applied for the student insurance, SGZ will send your invoice directly to the insurance company.
    It goes without saying you can see a GP of your choice. Perform a Google search: huisarts, streetname, city.
    Your search result will list all general practitioners in your area. It is not uncommon the GP will bill you during your visit. It is customary to pay upfront and get reimbursed afterwards by the insurance company. (You can upload your invoice in your “OOM Verzekeringen” account).

    You can also visit the following website with information about general practitioners in Delft:

    I feel sick. What do I do?

    In the Netherlands the first one to see, when you don’t feel well is a general practitioner (GP). He/she will advise you on what to do, look for the cause and suggest treatments. You need a referral from a general practitioner for medicines, a medical test or to see a specialist in the hospital.

    In the Netherlands, you can’t go directly to the hospital. In case of real emergency the emergcy number is 112.

    Also please see the answer of the next question, Who can I contact in the evening, night or weekend when the general practitioner is not available?

    Who can I contact in the evening, night or in the weekend, when the general practicioner is not available?

    When you feel sick during your GP’s of duty hours you can call him/she to get the details of an on-duty GP service. In every city there is a GP service website/phone number you can call. During a brief telephone interview the GP service will determine if it is necessary for you to visit the GP service (called huisartsenpost).
    For Delft for example: huisartsenpost Delft.
    Phone number: 015-2511930
    Emergency number: 112

    How can I cancel my student insurance when I leave the Netherlands?

    You can cancel your student insurance on this page.

    What else can you expect from International Insurances?

    • Walk-in hours and workshops
    • Competitive premium with excellent terms and conditions
    • Simple compare online or by telephone, calculate and apply
    • International Insurances helpdesk for personal advice: 24/7 reachable. A personal approach and no queues
    • One telephone number for all your questions and to report your damage
    • Annual insurance check: does your coverage reflect your current situation?
    • Free damage recovery service