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Heilbron B.V., initiator of International Insurances, provides information and offers you the possibility to ask for information or to directly take out a product or service on this website. Heilbron B.V. does not aim to give complete product information and policy information on this website. For this purpose, please always contact International Insurances.


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The information on this website, including interest rates and the results of calculations, cannot be considered personal advice. The calculations on the website are based on general principles. This does not mean that these apply to your personal situation. The calculations are exclusively indicative by nature and are subject to change. You yourself are responsible for the choice of and the use of the information. Would you like all your relevant financial, legal, and fiscal circumstances to be taken into account in a calculation? Then please contact us.


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It may be possible that, for any reason whatsoever (a technical default or a human error, for example), the website temporarily does not function properly. Heilbron B.V. kindly requests your understanding and accepts no liability for any damage as a result hereof.

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