Health insurance

What to do after I have chosen my health insurance?

1. Policy and insurance card

After you applied for the health insurance your insurance company will send the policy and insurance card to your home address: The address where you are registered with at the municipality.
Each person from your family will receive a policy and insurance card.

2. What to do if you receive your policy electronically only?

  • In that case you have to log in with your client portal of your insurance company.
  • Please check the website of the insurance company of your choice.
  • Each adult person has to log in with her/his Digid.


To apply for Digid, please visit:

3. European Health Insurance Card

Every citizen who applied for the Dutch basic health insurance has the right to receive the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Most of the insurance companies send this card to you automatically. You will find it on the back side of your insurance card.

In some cases you have to apply for it separately.
When you are insured with CZ, Anderzorg, Menzis, Nationale Nederlandenen or OHRA please visit for this
You have to apply for each family member.

With the EHIC, you have coverage abroad, outside the Netherlands, in the EER countries, in case of emergency.
In that case also call the alarm number of your insurance company. You can find this phone number on your insurance card too. You can reach this number 24 hours a day.

4. How to find a general practicioner (GP)?

  • The Dutch word for general practicioner is “huisarts”.
  • Perform a Google search: huisarts, streetname, city.
  • Your search result will list all general practitioners in your area.
  • You can contact them and ask if they accept new patients and register.


5. Who to contact in the evening, night or in the weekend? (When the general practitioner is not available)?

When you feel sick during your GP’s off-duty hours you can call him/she to get the details of an on-duty GP service. In every city there is a GP service website/phone number you can call. During a brief telephone interview the GP service will determine if it is necessary for you to visit the GP service (called “huisartsenpost”).