Whenever you receive income from a Dutch source and therefore pay social premiums, you are obligated to have a Dutch basic health insurance. The TU Delft offers you a range of basic and additional insurances with a discount on the additional insurances and good conditions through insurance advisor International Insurances. Please be advised by International Insurances, because it is not allowed to change your insurance for a whole year.


Are you accompanied by family members?
Are you coming to the Netherlands before the starting date of your working contract or does registration take longer? Then we advise you to get a temporary health insurance. Scroll further down for more information. Also if you are accompanied by family members or when they join you later.

The collective insurances through TU Delft

With comparing and choosing your health insurance, please ask yourself the following questions:


  • Do I opt for only the basic insurance, or do I also take an additional insurance?
  • Is it important to me that I have a complete freedom in choosing my health care provider?


Please contact International Insurances for personal advice at phone number 088 – 121 0 221 or send an e-mail to tudelft@internationalinsurances.nl, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! Our advisors
will gladly assist you over the phone to find out which insurance suits you best. For the health insurance we offer
packages of OHRA and Zilveren Kruis.

Easily compare health insurance with our TU Delft Health Insurance Comparison site.
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When do you need a temporary health insurance?

Are you going to receive income in the Netherlands? Then you are obligated to have a Dutch basic health insurance. The lawful starting date of your insurance is the same date as you registered at the municipality, received the BSN and residence permit for non-EU nationals. Important is as well that you started to work.


Sometimes it takes a while to get registered and to receive the BSN and residents permit. In that case you need a temporary private health insurance.


We, International Insurances can help you with this. You can apply for the MasterPlan+ with insurance company Insure to Study.


This is the same private insurance we offer students TU Delft.


The premium is per month € 59,50 per month (30 days) € 1,98 per day.


You can start the insurance from the day you leave your country to fly to the Netherlands. You can apply for one or two months.


When it takes longer to receive your BSN and residence permit, you can always extend your insurance.


As soon as your Dutch basic health insurance is active we can end the private insurance MasterPlan+ from the same day as your Dutch basic health insurance started. Please inform us about this.


Are you from Europe and have an EHIC, which is still valid and active? Then a temporary health insurance is not necessary.


Information temporary health insurance MasterPlan+


Frequently asked questions

I feel sick (nausea). What do I do? Who do I call or see?

In the Netherlands the first one to see, when you don’t feel well is a general practitioner (GP). He/she will advise you on what to do, look for the cause and suggest treatments. You need a referral from a general practitioner for medicines, a medical test or to see a specialist in the hospital.

Is International Insurances an insurance company?

International Insurances is powered by Heilbron. Heilbron is an insurance advisor and specialist in health insurances. We offer insurances from Insure To Study, they are an insurance company.

Other insurances

Unfortunately accidents do happen. To be protected against a variety of situations during your stay in the Netherlands other insurances might also be important. We certainly strongly advise you to be insured for liability. The financial complications could be enormous if someone is holding you accountable for damage you caused unintentionally.


Through the TU Delft you can not only benefit of a competitive premium but also of personal advice about the insurances below:


  • Car Insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Household content
  • Liability
  • Legal Assistance
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Accidents
  • Valuables insurance


For all your questions please send to us an email (tudelft@internationalinsurances.nl) or contact us by telephone: 088 – 121 0 221 for all your questions.

What else can you expect from International Insurances?

  • Walk-in hours and workshops
  • Competitive premium with excellent terms and conditions
  • Simple compare online or by telephone, calculate and apply
  • International Insurances helpdesk: 24/7 reachable for personal advice. A personal approach and no being on hold
  • One telephonenumber for all your questions and reporting your damage
  • Annual insurance check: does your coverage reflect your current situation?
  • Free damage recovery service